Wonderful pianist…

Wonderful pianist for any kind of event. Can easily adjust to the mood of the present atmosphere and perform various styles of music and pieces as requested by listeners. Very organized and a pleasure to work with
– Iveta Eglīte, Events planner

fantastic piano teacher…

Eduards is a fantastic piano teacher. I have learnt so much about playing and practicing since our lessons began a year ago. He is brilliant at breaking things down into manageable pieces and providing really useful exercises. Eduards is very supportive but at the same time he still finds ways to challenge and motivate me
– Natalie

wonderful musician…

Eduards is a wonderful musician that I have the great fortune of being good friends with. His musicianship and performing ability is outstanding and his professionalism, not only as a performer, but also as a teacher is excellent. Being a singer myself I have the pleasure of working with Eddy. I felt very comfortable and supported knowing he was my accompanist and would highly recommend him.

As a composer he is innovative and dramatic, however his music also carries a sense of drama, beauty and sensitivity. I have listened to several of his compositions and even had the opportunity to perform one of his songs and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it, not only the sound world that was created, but also relished how well the voice part was written.

I believe that Eduards has a very special talent, coupled with an unstoppable motivation, along with a wonderful personality and that he will go far in this career.

– Rachael Maura Jones
Professional singer

very encouraging…

Eduards was very encouraging and explained all aspects of music in an understandable way. He focused on my progress and also made sure that every lesson was both educational and enjoyable. I was very pleased with the improvement that I made under his

– Emilia
Former adult student, Customer Service Executive

wonderful pianist and composer…

Eduards Grieznis is a wonderful pianist and composer. I have seen and heard him perform and he is so spontaneous, innovative, and expressive. The emotion with which he performs his original composed melodies is phenomenal. Furthermore, his ability to convey pieces by famous musicians like Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Shostakovich and many others is commendable! He can literally transfer you back to the era when these original pieces were performed.
He is so passionate about music, especially about playing the piano that this has led him on to teaching and sharing his knowledge to many people, across all age groups. His musical talent is matched by a magnetic personality, which I am convinced will make him widely popular and influential in the current generation as well as the generations to come.
I wish Eduards Grieznis all the very best in this musical journey!!

– Cheryl Dowie
Former pianist

fantastic teacher…

Eddie is a fantastic teacher. He challenged me to push myself and to succeed. And he is fun to work with! He helped me do really well in my grade 1 exam. I got a distinction.

– Jed
Young former pupil

It inspired him…

Eduards established a great rapport with Jed, finding out what he liked and what motivated him to practice and play, even writing little pieces for him to challenge him. This encouraged Jed to practice and enjoy playing. Eddie was always very positive with Jed, but also, at times, firm with Jed about the improvement he was able to make if he practiced.

I also appreciated the way Eduards communicated with me, to let me know what he and Jed were working on and how I could support that process at home, as well as always being willing to listen to any feedback, comments or questions I had. Jed enjoyed working with Eddie so much he went to a recital he gave and really enjoyed it. It inspired him to think about how good he could become if he worked as hard as Eddie did. Jed continues to practice and play piano and remembers Eddie fondly

– Jed’s mum, Helen

great teacher…

Eduards really is a great teacher – great empathy, brilliant at getting me to relax and try new things. He is encouraging and i feel i’m making progress. The best!

– Lou Burrows

very highly skills…

I value Eduards’ piano teaching skills very highly. There is a good reason why all of his students enjoy his lessons – Eduards brings himself back to his students level as an equal to equal for the best learning experience. He will try to understand personalities and adjust accordingly the most useful learning strategies possible. Eduards surely understands the psychology of teaching.

As an accompanist Eduards is very flexible. There is always a sense of union and even the breathing points are the same. When required, Eduards is also capable of expressing the specifics of the piano with his unique performance and soloistic abilities. It has always been comfortable and easy to make music with Eduards

– Vita Gajevska
Professional pianist/teacher/accompanist

special touch and colours…

Eduards, as a pianist, has his special touch and colours when performing music. Every piece played by him has something special, almost different-world-like and never all the same. As a singer I really enjoyed Eduards accompaniment and co-operation. Especially when we were performing for my charity concert dedicated for donating money for elderly people. It has always been very easy to work with him because of his responsiveness and sense of responsibility as a professional, and as a friend. Eduards is also very talented as a composer. I was privileged to perform his first vocal composition and it was fun working with the piece. Eduards is a great performer, composer and teacher.

– Daiga Berzina
Professional singer

very passionate…

I have known Eduards Grieznis for quite a while now and have attended few of his concerts. Not only is he completely devoted to his music and not just playing but creating art, he has put all his efforts to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation. He has tutored one of my good friend’s son and he was enjoying the lessons so much that went on studying piano full time, – I truly believe it has been Eduard’s efforts. He is very passionate about music and it is recognised by everyone around him. I can not recommend him highly enough.

– Katja Konina
A professional