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17/02/2019 / / Chopin

Chopin’s music has that rare genius effect – the ability to easily

distinguish his musical language from others.

When I was playing Chopin’s music as a child, I remember having the most unusual emotions when performing it. These emotions are almost indescribable. Something from different world, musically-chemical reaction, that has the power to stop the time and allows us to be in the moment.

Frederic Chopin was born in Poland and comes from the Romantic era.

Although much of his life was spent in Paris, his heart belonged to his homeland: Poland.

Short music video I made and the music I’ve recorded:

07/02/2019 / / warm up

Good warm-up = productive practice/performance.

So often for too late have I realized that I have not warmed up my fingers well enough before practice.. Result = level of productive practice had sunken to mere 60%.. instead of all 100.

Why is it important to have a good warm-up ..? A discussion for all.